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9 Diode Cluster

Ideal for treatment areas from 5cm2 to 10cm2

Four LEDs and five Laser Diodes

  • 27811 9 Diode Cluster 540mW 5 x 850 nm 100mW; Laser 4 x 670 nm 10mW LED
  • 27812 9 Diode Cluster 1040mW 5 x 850 nm 200mW; Laser 4 x 670 nm 10mW LED

Return Policy

All equipment is made specifically for each order. Therefore, manufacture will not except any returns. Their limited warranty is 1 year for parts only.  ERTS offers extended warranty parts and labor for local clients. Out of state are parts only. ERTS will accept returns 10 days after receiving product with 25% restocking fee. Buyer must pay for return shipping.  

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