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Galaxy McManis HYLO

Standard Features Cont:

  • lumbar extension cushion
  • chest/pelvic separation
  • extension/retraction of length (power)
  • pelvic section: flexion distraction; lateral bending; axial extension/retraction
  • adjustable ankle rest (vertical $ horizontal)
  • ankle strap
  • automatic drop away footplate
  • speed adjustable of hylo feature
  • tilt safety switch
  • long lasting naugahyde upholstery

Manual Drops

  • standard features    $11,950.00
  • adj. forward motion & straight drop head    $945.00
  • thoracic & lumbar drop    $1,525.00
  • pelvic drop    $1,395.00

Automatic Drops

  • standard features    $11,950.00
  • adj. forward motion & straight drop head    $1,234.00
  • thoracic & lumbar drop 1,980.00
  • pelvic drop    $2,525.00

Table Specification:

  • height range 22" to 28"
  • length-extended 91 inches
  • length-retraction (including footplate) 81 inches (excluding footplate) 65 inches
  • cushion width 21 inches
  • table width 22 inches
  • shipping wt (approx) 400 lbs
  • table wt (approx) 350 lbs

Standard Features:

  • electronic height selector & auto flexion tilt safety switch
  • deluxe/adjustable headpiece
  • lumbar extension cushion

Return Policy

All tables are made specifically for each order. Therefore, manufacture will not except any returns. Their limited warranty is 1 year for parts only.  ERTS offers extended warranty parts and labor for local clients. Out of state are parts only. ERTS will accept returns 10 days after receiving product with 25% restocking fee. Buyer must pay for return shipping.  

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